Internal barrel coatings for handguns, hunting rifles, semiautomatics, and sniper rifles.


Gun barrel on semiautomatic rifle.

The ultimate target goal is zero dispersion. AccuDure improves consistency of results by increasing precision.

Tip the balance in your favor.

AccuDure is especially effective at medium to long distance ranges which demand a much higher degree of precision and performance. When a firearm gives a physical advantage, it also affords the shooter a psychological advantage. When shooters sense that they are shooting with the best possible equipment, it tips the balance in their favor regardless of conditions. AccuDure was developed for gun-specific barrel performance and potentially reduces harmonics in long barrels.



AccuDure makes your gun barrel more efficient and last longer.

Improves accuracy by resisting barrel wear.

An AccuDure coated bore will not only stabilize the bullet better, but also reduces barrel wear and fouling. AccuDure is especially applicable for use in hunting and sniper rifles, because they require “first shot” cold barrel accuracy and precision. Barrel wear is most prevalent in high-powered firearms from high-temperature erosion. This obviously reduces accuracy over time. AccuDure helps resist barrel wear under these “high-powered” conditions.

AccuDure increases lubricity and wear resistance.

AccuDure enhances the precision of high-powered, long-range weapons. Reduction in barrel wear is also extremely useful in high-volume weapons systems. Semi-auto handgun and rifle systems are especially susceptible to barrel wear. AccuDure increases lubricity and wear resistance when internal barrel coatings are applied annually or every 1,000 rounds.

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