AccuDure for Sniper Rifles

sidebars-web_02What if you could smooth your bore and lubricate it simply by firing it?


The broaching of barrels naturally leaves micro pitting. This leaves the problem of minor imperfections internally which affect the internal ballistics of the bullet. They affect both the internal bore in the form of wear and the bullet in the form of imperfect striations. The way you can smooth your rifle bore and lubricate it – simply by firing – is by applying AccuDure internal bore coating.

Reduce the imperfections from barrel manufacturing.

sidebars-web_04In sniping, all external ballistic factors must be accounted for. However, this method does not account for all internal ballistic effects. While most initial internal ballistic factors including: primer, powder burn, quantity and expansion factors, as well as bullet weight are accounted for; the barrel itself provides an unaccounted for factor. Due to imperfections in the machining process, even sniper rifles have deviations in precision which can be accounted for in terms of Minutes of Angle (MOA) at the 100 yard mark. At this range, many rifles have deviations in excess of ¼ MOA, even sniper weapons are likely to exhibit ¼ MOA or less deviations, unaccounted for in external ballistic factors.

AccuDure makes a difference in eliminating uncontrolled variables.

Bolivian Jaguar sniper rifle.

Bolivian Jaguar sniper rifle.

Holding all external ballistic and quantifiable internal ballistic factors equal, theoretically the terminal ballistic characteristics exhibited should be identical shot to shot. This is not the case. While sometimes external factors may cause this deviation, a truly skilled sniper will read the wind and calculate properly. However, in fine tuning our equipment we have never eliminated certain critical variables. These are the factors which AccuDure seeks not only to control, but also to eliminate.

AccuDure: Two-part internal firearm barrel coating.


AccuDure for
Sniper Rifles
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Long-lasting, protective coating prevents barrel friction and minimizes metal-to-metal wear. Augments firearm precision and velocity. Made in the USA. Clear liquid engineered nanotechnology materials. Store under controlled conditions. Activation 30 rounds minimum (15 for each bottle). Application interval is annually maximum and every 1,000 rounds minimum. AccuDure does NOT contain any silicone or PTFE (Teflon*) type ingredients and never gets sticky or tacky. Does not attract dust, dirt or grime. (*Teflon is a registered trade name). No special tools or toxic cleaner needed. All AccuDure coatings will not harm plastic gun parts or polymers or original factory wood finishes.



AccuDure Coating
Included with purchase.
  • 30 milliliter / 8.1 dram
  • h 87mm, dia 25mm
  • Amber-glass, UV-resistant, screw-thread vial.
  • Straight glass dropper with black rubber bulb. Tamper-evident cap.

1. Apply Barrel Treatment to the bore using a cleaning patch.
Then coat the bullet with one drop and fire once
2. Repeat for 15 rounds minimum.
3. Apply Coating in the same way.

Both vials:
Contains engineered nanomaterials.

Avoid skin exposure.
Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

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